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Welch Junior Race Academy

An advanced race training program for junior racers ages 12-18.  Jr. Race Academy caters to High School,  D-Team and USSA race athletes who desire a more focused advanced training schedule. Race Academy features low coach to athlete ratios which increases the amount of personal feedback each athlete receives. Our race coaches use the PMTS Racer Development system,a modern and proven movement-based system that is still used today on the World Cup to train elite racers in both technical and speed disciplines. Coaches will use a variety of training methods in order to maximize the speed and technical skills required to be more competitive.  A combination of gate drills, full gate training, video analysis, and timed gate training are used in the program.  

This program has a variable training schedule which includes weeknights and Sunday mornings. See full schedule below.

Program Fee:  $700 
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- price does not include the cost of a season pass
- D-Team program fees are not included in the Jr. Race Academy program fee. 

Training Dates: 
Dec. 2 (6-8pm); Dec. 3(6-8pm); Dec. 5(6-8pm); Dec. 8(9-11am); Dec. 10(6-8pm); Dec. 11(4-6pm); Dec. 16(6-8pm); Dec. 18(4-6pm); Christmas Camp (Dec. 21-23, 9am-noon each day); Dec. 29(9-11am); Jan. 2(6-8pm); Jan. 7(6-8pm); Jan. 8(4-6pm); Jan. 13(6-8pm); Jan. 15(4-6pm); Jan. 18(9-11am); Jan. 21(6-8pm); Jan. 22(4-6pm); Jan. 28(6-8pm); Jan. 29(4-6pm); Jan. 30(6-8pm); Feb. 6(6-8pm); Feb. 17(6-8pm); Feb. 19(4-6pm); Feb. 24 (6-8pm); Feb. 26(4-6pm)

*program will also include some training sessions in late November and early March (snow & weather dependent). 

Questions about the Jr. Race Academy?  EMAIL coach Randy Kimmes 

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