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Mountain Bike Responsibility Code

Mountain Biking involves the risk of serious injury or death. Your knowledge, decisions, and actions contribute to your safety and that of others. For your safety and the safety of others, please always adhere to the code.

  • STAY IN CONTROL. You are responsible for avoiding objects and people.
  • KNOW YOUR LIMITS. Ride within your ability. Start small and work your way up.
  • PROTECT YOURSELF. Use an appropriate bike, helmet, and protective equipment. Helmets are REQUIRED and other protective equipment is strongly recommended.
  • INSPECT & MAINTAIN YOUR EQUIPMENT. Know your components and their operations prior to riding. Inspect your bike or have it checked by a qualified bike mechanic before you ride.
  • BE LIFT SMART. Know how to load, ride, and unload the chairlift safely. Ask if you need help.
  • INSPECT THE TRAILS AND FEATURES. Conditions change constantly; plan and adjust your riding accordingly.
  • OBEY SIGNS AND WARNINGS. Stay on marked trails only. Keep off closed trails and features. Ride in direction indicated.
  • BE VISIBLE. Do not stop where you obstruct a trail, feature, landing, or are not visible.
  • LOOK OUT FOR OTHERS. Look both ways and yield when entering or crossing a road or trail. When overtaking, use caution and yield to those ahead. Look uphill and yield to other riders when entering a trail or starting downhill.

COOPERATE. If involved in or witness to an incident, you must identify yourself to Bike Patrol or staff member.
*The Responsibility Code is endorsed by the National Ski Areas Association.

Release of Liability 

In consideration and exchange for allowing the ticket/season pass holder to use these facilities, he/she agrees to ASSUME ALL RISKS OF INJURY inherent in mountain biking activities. Ticket/pass holder AGREES NOT TO SUE WELCH VILLAGE SKI AREA INC. and agrees to HOLD HARMLESS and RELEASE Welch Village Ski Area Inc from liability for NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY or BREACH WARRANTY. In accordance with Minn. Stat. 604.055, this does not apply to claims for greater than ordinary negligence.  

Assumption of Risk

Ticket/pass holder understands that mountain biking activities at this area are INHERENTLY DANGEROUS, which cause SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH, including uneven and/or slippery trail and feature conditions, varying slopes and terrain, bumps, stumps, trees, roots, forest growth, cliffs, rock and rock drops, loose gravel and dirt, wet surfaces, holes and potholes, downed timber, debris, depressions, other bikes, dirt and wood features and other constructed features, lift loading and unloading, padded and non-padded barriers, all terrain vehicles, motor vehicles, paved surfaces, collisions with vehicles, riders, pedestrians, objects and heavy equipment, and mechanical or other failure of rental or personal equipment, and ticket/pass holder ASSUMES ALL RISKS. Ticket/pass holder agrees to use all facilities safely and has the ability to safely load and unload lifts, will read and follow all signage, will control speed, will avoid all-terrain vehicles and other natural or man-made objects on or near the trails, and will ABIDE BY YOUR MOUNTAIN BIKE RESPONSIBILITY CODE of the National Ski Areas Association. 

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Upcoming Events

  • Spartan Race
    Spartan Race
    06/09/18 , 07:30 AM
    Email: https://www.spartan.com/en/race/detail/3373/overview

    Spartans are taking over the Welch Village Ski Resort.  This Spartan Sprint promises to test racers with a good mixture of 20+ obstacles, challenging ski slopes and hills, and no shortage of early morning fog, mud, water, and wind. Make no mistake, even the bunny hills become quad-searing challenges.